Baby Massage Course

Taught by a specialist Peadiatric Physiotherapist, this Royal College of Midwives approved Baby Massage course is a 5 week progressive course. Each week you will learn to massage a different part of your baby’s body, building to a full body massage. You will also learn the fabulously effective WIND and COLIC ROUTINE and TEETHING ROUTINE. Each week we go over all the strokes we have learnt on the course providing you with plenty of time to perfect your strokes and ample time for any questions you may have. The course runs as follows:

  • Week 1- legs
  • Week 2- tummy and wind/colic routine
  • Week 3- chest, arms and hands
  • Week 4- face, back and teething routine
  • Week 5- full body massage

Course fee includes the provision of massage oil for use in class and at home, a personal folder with weekly handouts of the strokes taught in class and a certificate on completion of the course.

The course is suitable from newborn with no upper age limit.