With pregnancy comes great changes both on a physical and psychological level. Our bodies and our needs change throughout pregnancy and time for self care becomes more important than ever. Muscles are stretched, hormones are constantly changing and the load on our joints increases. Whether you are suffering from common pregnancy related conditions such as PELVIC GIRLDE PAIN, URINARY STRESS INCONTINENCE or LOW BACK PAIN, or whether you are having a text book pregnancy, Bump and Beyond, Health and Fitness has a range of specialist services available to you to make your journey through pregnancy a more pleasant and comfortable one.
IT IS NEVER TOO LATE in pregnancy for physiotherapy to help and PAIN IS NEVER NORMAL.

Make your appointment today and let us help you.

Our Services Include:

*Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapy
*Specialist Pre-natal Therapeutic Massage
*Specialist Pre-natal Exercise Prescription
*Holistic Core Restore® 4th Trimester